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We offer two kinds of classes, usually. A basic goat husbandry class which takes pace in the winter, and basic cheesemaking classes in spring, summer, and fall. Classes are very hands-on, and aimed at newbies with limited -- or no -- previous experience.

A typical cheesemaking class starts with milking an agreeable goat (if we can find one), then proceeding through all the steps to make a fresh cheese, from cutting the curd, to ladling, to draining, to seasoning and tasting.


A brief history of Herron Hill Dairy

  • 2000

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Deranged Seattle tech worker buys small farm in the South Puget Sound. Visitor remarks, on viewing the overgrown pastures, "you need some goats to eat this brush." Thus it begins...

  • April 1, 2001

    Our First Homebred LaMancha

    Coco, a beautiful doe purchased in the Little Nickel for $25, gives birth to a gorgeous April Fool's Day doeling. Dumb luck is always the best kind.

  • August 2003

    Baby Belle arrives

    We pick up our first Nigerian doeling, Baby Belle, at a Flying J Truck Stop in Eastern Washington. She will be the foundation of our Nigerian herd.

  • September, 2008

    Grade A

    We receive our Grade A certification from WSDA and begin selling our handcrafted fresh goat cheeses.

  • Today

    Dairy Glamor

    The gift that keeps on giving...

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Hollow-horned ruminants, genus Capra, inexplicably endearing. Resistance is futile.


Wronny is the herdqueen, Grand Empress of all the Russias. She milks like a cow. Far from a show doe but worth her weight in gold.


Do you have any colorful, sweet, well-bred kids for sale? Kids from Top Ten milk lines? Why yes. Click here.


Boxcar Betty is the reigning matriarch of the Belle line, a Hannah Belle X Captain January daughter whose kids are always beautiful.

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