Herron Hill Dairy

WSDA Dairy #9056, just outside the old anarchist colony on Washington’s historic Key Peninsula. Raising quality Nigerian Dwarfs and LaManchas since the 20th century.  We breed for beautiful milk.

Beautiful milk makes beautiful cheese.

“What a friend we have in cheeses.”  ~~~ Baby Belle


We just wanted to thank you for everything, we had such a great time. We are now sitting on our patio in Fremont eating our own homemade goat cheese pizza with our own homemade goat cheese from the milk of a goat we milked ourselves. (Thank you, Wronny, for letting us milk you!). XXXOOO – it was a blast!

Jane and Derek, Seattle, WA

The class was really the highlight of our trip. We still talk about it. So nice to meet all the goats and especially Georgia! What a character. We now make our own chevre at least once a month with milk from a nearby farm.

Delaney Wilson, Yuba City, CA