The Wether Report

There is a strict rule against wethers here.

I was just telling Gilbert, my LaMancha wether, about it. “The problem with wethers is that they are the lilies of the valley. They toil not, and neither do they spin.”

Gilbert did not respond; his mouth was full.gilbert_post_1200w

“And they also eat a lot.”

Anyway no one offered to buy Gilbert except a guy named Jose in Burien whose only question was – how much does he weigh? Always a tipoff. Since Gilbert is friendly and handsome and likely to be enormous when grown, and since by this time he had ingratiated himself with me using his LaMancha personality, I did not want him to become the guest of honor at a cabrito party.

And in any case I had been thinking about getting back into goatpacking. So I dragged the old pack out of the hayloft where it had been sitting for years, covered with dust.

“You are going to have to do some toiling, Gilbert,” I told him. “And maybe some spinning.”

Gilbert did not respond; his mouth was full.

Packgoat club now forming. Inquire within.

One thought on “The Wether Report

  1. Jiom says:

    good luck Gilbert, Make sure you get your lunches and breaks, coontact the Goat Union shop steward if they try to make you work on holidays.

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