We have only two goats available for sale right now. Gilbert is a very sweet and flashy LaMancha wether, destined to be LARGE. He will make an excellent packgoat and has already begun his training. $75.

Gilbert the future packgoat. Morchella x Fred.

Gilbert the future packgoat. Morchella x Fred.








Dusky (barn name) is a buckling, son of Dot and Starlord. If you are looking to add strong milk geneticsĀ and style, he is your man. $350.


Goats for Sale

Please let me know if you would like any more information about any of the fine caprines pictured below.  


Updates coming…   LAMANCHA – Wronny Winnie Cherry Moony Big Orange Marti Xie Xie Ramona Maddy Winjay Schwinnie   NIGERIAN – Belle Starr Boxcar Betty Wembley Dill Pickle Dot Froggy Poppy Clover Ivy Abby Crumpet (TMFGITW) Sandy


There really is something about goats. But like dogs, even when things go well, they always live and die too fast. We have loved and lost some wonderful goats over the years. Some were prolific milkers; some were beauty queens. Some of them shaped our herd, or other people’s herds; some were bowleggedy buck-kneed affronts […]


Crumpet is TMFGITW, the most famous goat in the world.