There really is something about goats. But like dogs, even when things go well, they always live and die too fast. We have loved and lost some wonderful goats over the years. Some were prolific milkers; some were beauty queens. Some of them shaped our herd, or other people’s herds; some were bowleggedy buck-kneed affronts to conformation, troublemaking girls with lobster claw feet and open shoulders and chandelier udders. They just shaped our hearts.


Cora Belle

Herron Hill Hannah Belle x Poppy Patch Captain January Cora Belle is Betty’s younger full sister, and she is one doe I wish I had never sold. Not for the reasons you might think, though. Cora Belle was originally to be named Blue Belle, because as a very young kid she was surprisingly obedient and […]

Baby Belle

The one and only. Baby Belle was a little white goat from Walla Walla. She looked like an ordinary little white goat. But she was actually Baby Belle. Dam to Hannah Belle, granddam to Boxcar Betty, Belle Starr, Cora Belle, Terra Belle, great granddam to Clover, Dot, Dill Pickle, Iota, Wembley, Thomas, and many more. […]


Atticus Pupicus, the great protector. Atticus was not a goat. But not everyone knew that.


Over the years we have been so lucky with our bucks. From Lucky Star we got two wonderful LaMancha bucks. From Poppy Patch – – the Stangeland family farm in Montesano – we got Poppy Patch RC Captain January and Honey Goat Easter Jackpot, two really outstanding bucks who had a huge influence on our […]