Cora Belle

Herron Hill Hannah Belle x Poppy Patch Captain January

Cora Belle is Betty’s younger full sister, and she is one doe I wish I had never sold. Not for the reasons you might think, though. Cora Belle was originally to be named Blue Belle, because as a very young kid she was surprisingly obedient and cooperative, which was very unusual in the Belle family. She seemed to deserve a Disney-esque name with her china blue eyes, her dalmatian spots, and her teacher’s pet personality. bjandwendellcSlowly but surely she turned into a hellion, though, and by the time she was a few weeks old, it was clear she was no Blue Belle.

So she was renamed Cora Belle, with the idea being that in future she would probably be known as Cora Belle the Horrible. Much like her mother Hannah Belle, who was always called Hannah Belle Lecter.

Cora Belle is a very productive milker. She was a 2012 breedleader and BOB at the 2013 Washington StateĀ Fair.

It was an awesome sight to see her there in the BDIS lineup between Barnowl’s legendary, magnificent ‘Fish’ and 3-time Nubian national champion Iron Owl PFY Pika.

Cora Belle at the 2013 (I think?) Washington State Fair.